Batou is an electronic artist, producer and video game composer from London, UK. Known for creating a texturally rich and immersive sound Batou fuses drum machines, ambient synthesis, field recordings and elements of glitch and video game sound.

His musical journey began after discovering his mum's old acoustic guitar in the loft of his family home, teaching himself by playing along to old records and various mix tapes taken from the radio. A passion for playing music and song writing quickly developed, and for the next decade worked at his craft playing in rehearsal rooms and on stages for various bands, before deciding to go it alone as an independent artist and producer; adopting the name Batou as an homage to his favourite anime, and as a metaphor for the transition to a more programmatic approach to music.

Batou's debut - Adventures in Bitscape - is an ethereal, chiptune inspired, self released concept EP that charts the journey of a lone astronaut who travels to the edge of the universe.

His love of video games and science fiction led to an opportunity to work on a soundtrack for the space strategy game - Lord of Rigel - which is currently in development. Taking inspiration from ambient artists, old video games in the genre and modern sound design driven film OST's he has spent the last couple of years on the project, which will be out in 2018.