RELEASE: Kinetic

Today I'm very excited to announce the release of my new EP, 'Kinetic'.

After the relaxed and ethereal style of Adventures in Bitscape I wanted to create something with more energy and intensity but also to not entirely abandon my proclivity towards an ambient aesthetic. I'm very proud of what I've made on this EP and I'm looking forward to people hearing it.

The artwork was made by the awesome Sylvia Ritter. I highly recommend that you check out her other work too.

Track List:
1. Glyph
2. Chemical Motorway
3. Sugar in the Gas Tank
4. Boolean Staircase
5. Recurring

Pick it up on Bandcamp or stream on Spotify.


REVIEW: Chipwin Blog

@PixelRecall from the Chipwin blog wrote a lovely review of Adventures in Bitscape which really brought back some memories of writing it.

You can read it in full here


NEWS: Game Audio Hangout

I recently started a Discord server as a resource and community for anyone involved with, or looking to get involved with, game audio. We're made up of a friendly bunch of composers, sound designers, musicians and VO artists.

Eventually I hope this leads to local meetups and going to game events together. It's nice to make friends along the way as we try to navigate the choppy waters of video game audio.

If you'd like to join us just click on this invite and say hi!


GAME JAM: Therrain

I had a fun 3 or so days jamming a video game with @wombatstuff for the LD38 jam. We made a game about fighting an angry cloud with an umbrella. Well, Wombat made the game, I made the music but who's really checking details like that...

You can play Therrain here


TRAILER: The Pursuit on UKGFF

Each year a good friend of mine puts together a film festival in the UK which covers many of the environmental issues facing the planet right now.

It was strange to hear this track over those visuals, as you'd normally expect to hear something stylistically quite different but it does work.

You can learn more about it here



I've been experimenting with random parameters to create infinite variations. I think it came out pretty well, particularly the randomised effects which create some interesting dynamics, in contrast to the kick and bass that are providing a much needed anchor and low end stability.

I'm going to attempt a collection of these at some point and see where it takes me.


NEWS: Spotify

Adventures in Bitscape is now on Spotify :)

Also other streaming platforms and stores (Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon)


RELEASE: Adventures in Bitscape

Today I released my first EP titled 'Adventures in Bitscape'. It's a short, ambient chiptune (chillchip??) inspired concept piece about a lone astronaut who travels to the edge of the observable universe.

Track List:
1. The Departure
2. The Dancing Nebula
3. The Bridge
4. The Impossible Ocean
5. The Pursuit
6. The Edge of the Universe

Pick it up on Bandcamp for as little or as much as you like.


TRAILER: Lord of Rigel Trailer

To coincide with the news that Lord of Rigel is now being published by Iceberg Interactive, we've created a reveal trailer that shows off the galaxy, some ships, and an introduction to the lore that runs throughtout the game... and of course some music too!

Learn more about Lord of Rigel here


TRAILER: Reveal The Deep

When I first came across Reveal The Deep I immediately reached out to the guys at Lazy Monday games to see if they needed any music for it, I loved the atmosphere and its art style. Sadly they had already covered all things audio but I was privileged enough to work on the trailer which was used for the Steam Greenlight campaign.

I wanted to make something that supported the claustophobic feeling and tension of navigating the 19th century steamship.

You can pick up the game here


NEWS: Lord of Rigel Soundtrack

I'm very excited to begin working on the soundtrack for the 4X space strategy game 'Lord of Rigel'. This is a big project that will push me into new musical territory, and I can't wait to get started!

Learn more about Lord of Rigel here